All these kid reporters want is for Vanessa Hudgens to buy them a pony

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Vanessa Hudgens has gracefully graduated from High School Musical teen idol to grown performer in films like the edgy 2012 indie Spring Breakers and the upcoming Oscar-contending Broadway adaptation tick, tick… Boom!

But make no mistake, she’s still entertaining the kiddos, from her running Netflix's The Princess Switch trilogy to her new role as the voice of roller skating, pink-haired Sunny Starscout in the streamer’s new animated spin-off My Little Pony: The Next Generation.

Count our children as entertained, at least Yahoo Entertainment’s kid reporters Lyla and Luna — daughters of senior correspondent Kevin Polowy — who interviewed Hudgens for the latest episode of our Kid Gloves series.

Like they did Jake Gyllenhaal, James Corden and Jacob Tremblay before her, Lyla and Luna grilled Hudgens with hard-hitting questions and critiques (“You’re a movie star, you should have like a hundred thousand ponies”).

But mostly they just want the young movie star to buy them a pony.

You’ll have to excuse them. They’re still getting this “professionalism” thing down.

My Little Pony: The Next Generation is now streaming on Netflix.

Watch the trailer:

-Video produced by Anne Lilburn and edited by Schuyler Stone

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