Kim Domingo is done impressing people

Heidi Hsia

25 Feb – Kim Domingo recently took to social media to announce that she will no longer try to prove herself to anyone.

The actress, who posted a new photo of herself on Instagram on 22 February, wrote, "I no longer feel the need to impress anyone or go out of my way to explain myself. We're getting a little [too] old for the stress that comes along with someone not understanding who you are: flawed but a good-hearted soul with a lot to offer."

"I've decided I am done with temporary people. I don't need a lack of love... I need love and lots of it. I don't need someone who smiles to my face, then talks behind my back. I don't need people who bring me down. Even if I have love for you, I no longer have time for you if you treat me that way," she continued.

Domingo also stated that people who already know her would understand that her intention is pure.

"I know some people are not happy with me because I am not so good, but few people surely love me because they know that my little kindness is not fake," she added.

The actress shared no reason as to what sparked the said post.

(Photo Source: Kim Domingo Instagram)