Kim Kardashian reveals that Pete Davidson has her name branded on his chest

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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have only been together since connecting when she hosted his show, Saturday Night Live, in October, but the relationship is obviously intense. As she revealed Wednesday, Davidson already has several tattoos and a branding dedicated to her.

"He has a few tattoos," Kardashian teased during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, after DeGeneres asked her if Davidson fans who thought they saw her name etched on his chest in a recent photo were correct. "A few cute ones, you know, that he got. But... the 'Kim' one... isn't a tattoo, it’s actually a branding."

DeGeneres looked skeptical, but Kardashian signaled her support: "It's so cute, guys."

She also explained that he had wanted to do something different, after getting multiple ink tributes to her.

"The other ones are like cutesy things," Kardashian said. "I think my favorite one, it says here [she pointed to her heart]... 'My girl is a lawyer.' And that one's really cute."

Kardashian has, in fact, been working toward becoming a lawyer, even passing the so-called baby bar law exam, in December.

So, yeah, the branding was meant to be special.

"I just think he was like, 'I want something that's there, that I can't, you know, get rid of... cause he's in the process of getting rid of his arm tats and his neck tats, so he's, like, 'I don't want to be able to get rid of it or to cover it up, and I just wanted it, like, there as a scar on me.'"

DeGeneres commented that The Kardashians star had been showing "a whole different side" lately.

"It feels good, it feels good," said Kardashian, who went Instagram official with Davidson last week. "I encourage my friends and the people that I love just to be happy, and I went for it. And I went for it, and I was like, 'You know what? I'm in my 40s, like, f*** it' — sorry — 'like, just go for it. Find your happiness.'"

The mom of four said that's what she did.

"I went for it," she said, "and I took my time, and I found it, and it feels so good, and I want to hold onto that forever," she said.

Kardashian's comments come amid her contentious divorce with Kanye West, from whom she split in February 2021, after nearly seven years of marriage. They share four children. West has since publicly asked for his wife to get back together with him and railed against Davidson. On March 2, a judge granted Kardashian's request to be declared legally single.

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