Kim Kardashian's milky brown ponytail is our new colour inspiration

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Photo credit: MEGA - Getty Images
Photo credit: MEGA - Getty Images

You and I both know that whatever Kim Kardashian wears we also end up wearing.

She's the reason why cycling shorts are now a staple in our wardrobe, why we replaced our all black mantra with beige and why we've ditched our underwired bras altogether.

So now that Kim has a hair colour inspired by our favourite beverage, we will be doing exactly the same and asking our hairdresser for a chocolate milk inspired custom shade.

Whether it's Yazoo, Frijj, Hersheys, Chocomel, or my personal favourite Cocio (for the love of God please bring back the mint flavour), we simply cannot be friends if chocolate milk isn't a readily available option in your fridge.

While we doubt Kim's plant-based, minimal fridges (note the plural) have any of the above in, her new milky brown hair colour is seriously reminiscent of a glass of Nesquik.

It was Paris Hilton who shared the picture of our new favourite colour, in a promo picture for new Netflix series: Cooking with Paris.

Of course Kim is a guest on the show and from the teasers Paris posted on her Instagram story it looks like it's going to be every bit as nostalgic as we expected.

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Now we know that Kim changes her hair colour ALL the time and being the Kardashian reporter freak that I am, I cannot actually remember the exact point Kim first debuted this colour.

Of course it was the work of her long time stylist Chris Appleton, who first debuted her chocolate milk hair back in January.

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But as we're only seeing it on our TV screens now, we're expecting to see an influx of milky brown brunettes coming our way.

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