Kinasang-an calls on City Government to solve flood problem

RESIDENTS of Sitio Paradise 3 in Barangay Kinasang-an, Cebu City are appealing to barangay officials and the City Government to address the flood problem in their area at the soonest possible time.

A resident in Sitio Anak Urban in Kinasang-an who asked not to be named, messaged SunStar Cebu through Facebook messenger, stating that their place has been flooded for quite some time and that many residents have gotten ill.

“On behalf of the residents in Anak Urban, as well as kids who are affected by the stinky stagnant floodwater, we are knocking on the hearts of officials to give us attention and solve our problem, that we will be given a drainage right of way,” said the message in Cebuano.

Some residents in Anak Urban and Muslim Compound of Sitio Paradise 3 said they have been suffering from the stagnant water for more than a decade since three establishments were constructed in their area.

According to Raul Bacolo, 62, residing in Sitio Paradise 3 Anak Urban for about 30 years, regardless of the weather, stagnant water has stood for some time.

“Unsaon man nga wa may kalutsan. Wa gyud niagi. Sige ra gihapon ang tubig (How is that when there is no way for the water to flow out?),” he said, adding that when it rains the floodwater level rises hip-deep up to the head of an adult person.

Dimarigue Barazar, also a resident in Muslim Compound, said that one of the establishment owners and Kinasang-an Barangay Captain Susan Enriquez signed in 2012 an agreement to open up the company’s wall where the water is trapped.

Barazar questioned the barangay for not taking action all this time considering that the company seven years ago had already agreed and assured them of help with regard to construction materials and that residents have been affected for more than a decade now.

Barangay Secretary Camilo Navarro, for his part, said the previous administration already had a plan for a drainage project. At present, the Program of Works and Estimates (POWE) is under the Association of Barangay Councils (ABC) in Cebu City. They are re-estimating the project cost based on the statement from the City Engineer’s Office (CEO) that the materials cost more now.

Navarro said they are waiting for the CEO to finish the program of works which is still in the office of ABC president Franklin Ong.

In response to the long-time problem, Navarro said the barangay purchased a water pump as an interim solution that residents in the area can use in case the floodwater rises.

The residents have cited the incidence of dengue and leptospirosis in the area which has so far claimed the lives of four children. (USJ-R Intern Mae Fhel Gom-os )