Kind Filipino man hands out vegetables to people struggling with COVID-19 downturn

A kindhearted man is giving free vegetables to motorists who pass by his house in the Philippines in an effort to help those affected by the coronavirus economic downturn.

Footage taken on May 16 shows Gary Bacos, 45, in a makeshift tent he set up in front of his house handing the vegetables to motorists and pedestrian passing by.

He said: "I think it is better to give vegetables than canned goods because we need to be healthy during the pandemic."

Gary, who works as a village official at Imus, Cavite, bought the vegetables from the local farmers who were having a hard time transporting and selling their goods.

He added: "I bought bulk vegetables to the farmers here for me to help them as well. So it is a win-win situation.

''However, those I am giving them our excess to the one I gave to my constituents. I want to help everyone not only my constituents but also people that need my help.''