Kindhearted driver hold up traffic to help old lady cross the road

This is the heartwarming moment a tricycle driver from the Philippines stopped traffic so he could help an old woman safely cross the street.

The random act of kindness was captured by a firefighter who was sitting in his van in the busy streets of Iloilo City on November 29 morning.

He said that the cars started honking behind him when the tricycle driver suddenly stopped and caused a jam.

The fireman, from the Iloilo Federation Fire Brigade, added: "I could see what the tricycle driver was doing, so instead of getting angry I took out my phone and started taking this video.

''I was so touched by the kindness of the tricycle driver taking the time to help the old lady cross the road.''

The driver held the old woman's arms until she reached the other side of the street. She was carrying shopping bags and an umbrella.

The identity of the kind driver is still unknown.