Kingdom special episode stars Gianna Jun, out July 23

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Since its premiere on Jan. 15, 2019, the Korean political period horror thriller “Kingdom” has gripped fans and critics alike for its grisly appeal and intense visuals to match the artful storytelling.

What is it about? Simply put: Zombies in 14th Century Korea.

“Kingdom” is Netflix’s first Korean Original Series, which should clue would-be viewers in on the amount of work, talent, budget and dedication put in this project.

While Season 1 (2019) and Season 2 (2020) released six episodes each, Netflix announced a special episode for 2021 dubbed “Kingdom: Ashin of the North.”

This special episode serves as an expanded backstory of how it all began. It tells the tale of the mysterious new figure Ashin—played by Korean superstar actress Gianna Jun (“My Sassy Girl,” “Legend of the Blue Sea”)—and the origins of the epidemic that revived the dead king and led to the devastation of the Joseon kingdom.

Young Ashin will be played by Kim Sia (“The House of Us,” “Miss Baek”). Park Byung-eun reprises his role as Min Chi-rok, the Head of the Royal Commandery Division who helped Crown Prince Lee Chang in fending off the infected from infiltrating the royal palace.

“Kingdom” Season 1 currently has a 93 percent score, and 100 percent score for its second season on review-aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes. Directed by Kim Seong-hun, and written by Kim Eun-hee, special episode “Kingdom: Ashin of the North” will be released to worldwide audiences on July 23, only on Netflix.

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