Kitchie Returns With First Film Effort

Kitchie Nadal

MANILA, Philippines - Kitchie Nadal is back in a big way after being absent from the local music scene for quite some time.

The 32-year-old singer-songwriter now returns with new music and a film to boot. In an exclusive interview with Bulletin Entertainment, Nadal noted that her much-awaited fourth CD "Malaya," which was released in Singapore last year, will soon be made available locally.

"Everything's set. Inaantay na lang namin ang go signal from my management," she said.

Adding to fan's excitement is her film debut via the indie "The Muses," which forms part of the first-ever CineFilipino Film Festival. This new indie milestone event is spearheaded by PLDT-Smart Foundation, MediaQuest, Studio 5 and Unitel Entertainment.

"It's something that I wanted to do for so long," said Nadal, going on to relate how the idea came to fruition.

"Back in 2010 I was in New York for a performance and I met writer/director Janice Perez. We got to talking about film, about writing; so kinwento ko sa kanya this film I had in mind. Sinabi ko lang sa kanya 'yung idea, tapos 'yun, from there nag-exchange e-mails na kami and that's how it came to be."

According to Nadal, "The Muses" was inspired by the biblical anecdote about the sisters Martha and Mary, and their relationship with Jesus.

"Janice helped me develop it. Binago namin. Ginawa naming modern day 'yung setting so now it's about these two sisters and their rivalry," she explained.

Nadal said she is excited to try her hand in acting, divulging that she is playing role of one of the sisters herself in the ongoing production. But she was quick to diffuse notions that she is dumping music for a career in films.

"I won't let go of my music, definitely. Actually 'yung film bunga lang din ito ng music ko. Galing din ito sa music ko," she said. In fact, the bulk of the songs on the film's soundtrack are from "Malaya."

"So right there makikita natin na it is meant to work together with the release of 'Malaya.' Gusto ko din kasi na bago ko i-release ang [album], na 'yung mga tao would have an idea what is it all about."

Nadal also insisted that she has not abandoned the local scene.

"I understand may ganuong perception kasi nga parati akong wala, medyo disappointing for the supporters here at hom. Pero tuloy tuloy pa din ako. In terms of creativity as an artist, I continue to grow. Kaya lang kasi ang nangyari sa ating music scene parang nawalan ng hunger for music from local artists. Ang biggest heartache ko nga is 'yung pag-alis ni Cynthia Alexander. Pero nga kasi kaya bumagsak din ang industriya dahil sa piracy, siyempre apektado ang mga labels and, in turn, apektado din ang artists."

Nadal maintains that her jump into filmmaking is all about continuing pushing her creative effort.

"Mapapansin mo hindi lang naman ako. There's Rico Blanco and Ely Buendia [who are now also both into the visual arts and films.] I feel ang mindset kasi, ano ba ang puede kung gawin as an artist to continue my growth? So dito mo makikita talaga kung sino ang resilient, kung sino ang willing to fight for their creativity."

This also explains why she picked "Malaya" as title for her album. "Kasi open ako, walang nakaharang na ano pa man. I'm open to doing [and]trying anything. I'm just taking it one step at a time."

The CineFilipino Film Festival, is officially scheduled from June 26 to July 2 at the Ali Mall, Gateway and Newport cinemas.