Klipsch gave its flagship Reference speakers a complete redesign for 2018

Kris Wouk
klipsch reference speakers 2018 redesign
klipsch reference speakers 2018 redesign

It wasn’t even that long ago that Klipsch released the last iteration of the company’s popular Reference speakers, but it’s clear that even then the company was already looking at the future. On Thursday, August 2, the company introduced the latest version of the reference speakers, which it says is a ground-up redesign, unlike the most recent models.

There are a total of 13 models in the new Reference series: Four floor-standing models, two center-channel models, four bookshelf models, two powered subwoofers, and a Dolby Atmos elevation speaker model, which lets you add Atmos to an existing speaker setup. You will pay anywhere from $400 to $1,200 for the floor-standing speakers, $200 to $500 for the bookshelf speakers, $250 to $350 for the center channel speakers, $350 to $450 for a powered subwoofer, or $400 for a pair of Atmos-enabled surround speakers.

What type of speaker you buy depends on your needs, but some of the speakers pull double duty. The R-625FA floor-standing speaker, for example, has Dolby Atmos built-in, so you don’t need a pair of separate Atmos model for these. There are also models that are powered, like the R-51PM and R-41PM, meaning you won’t necessarily need an A/V receiver to use with them, which makes them perfect for a simple vinyl setup.

While the speakers keep the same style that owners of various Reference series models know and love, there have also been a number of updates and new touches that have them looking better than ever. The spun-copper IMG woofer cones that give the series its iconic look are still here, but now the speakers feature a scratch-resistant black wood grain finish.

It’s not all about looks either. The new models feature a new, larger proprietary Tractrix that Klipsch says makes for improved coverage and bandwidth. New bass ports on certain speakers make for deeper, fuller bass, while upgraded tweeters make for sweeter-sounding high frequencies.

All of the models in the upgraded Reference series are available now. For more information, see the Klipsch website. If you’re not sure which kind of speaker you need, be sure to take a look at our guide to different speaker types and what they’re commonly used for.