In The Know Honors: Emi Salida

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Credit: Emi Salida
Credit: Emi Salida

Outspoken advocate for asexual people
Age: 21
Hometown: Kingston, London

Emi Salida is a 21-year-old YouTuber who creates informational content surrounding asexuality and what it means to identify with their sexual orientation. After coming out as asexual at the age of 16, Emi became frustrated with a lack of available online resources for people in her position. So she decided to begin talking about asexuality on her own YouTube channel to be a resource for other young people navigating their asexuality. She has since helped raise awareness about asexuality through interviews with major publications like HuffPost, Cosmopolitan, Sky News, UniLad and The Times, which she hopes can make people feel less alone.

Instagram: @embly99
Twitter: @embly99
YouTube: Embly99

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