Koenigsegg's special-edition beer is a yearly tradition

Tony Markovich

Koenigsegg has special-edition cars with extremely limited availability, and it also has special-edition beer with extremely limited availability. For the past three years, Koenigsegg has teamed up with Skelderwikens Brygghus, a brewery based in Ängelholm, Sweden, to make a swedish pale ale. Each of the labels features a supercar such as the company's all-new hybrid four-seater Gemera.  

This tradition started three years ago at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. For its first beer offerings, Koenigsegg brought a 1.1MW Lager with a Regera on the label and a High Speed Swedish Pale Ale with an Agera RS on the label. 

After seeing a positive reaction to the beer, Koenigsegg continued the party at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Following the debut of the new-at-the-time Jesko, Koenigsegg again served fans with a Swedish Pale Ale that featured the Jesko on the label. This time around, the brew was slightly different and had a slightly different ABV.

The Geneva show was cancelled this year, but Koenigsegg still ordered a beer it already had planned. Koenigsegg held its own private event for the Gemera, and the Gemera-labeled beer was served to fans, customers, and employees there. It was once again a Swedish Pale Ale, as seen in a post by Koenigsegg Head of Design Sasha Selipanov. A fun addition to the packaging is the Koenigsegg ghost logo on the bottle caps. 

It seems this is the only time or event that the beer is available, as Skelderwikens doesn't even mention it on its website. The brewery's other beers include Skelderwikens APA, this Ale is India Pale, Skelderwikens SKIPA, Skelderwikens Lager, Frosty Ice Winter Ale, Rönne Brygg APA, this Ale is Folköl, and Citrus Lager.