Korean vlogger recreates fried towel in experiment

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FILE PHOTO: Screengrab from Mr. Bulbul's vlog where he tries deep-frying towel. (Source: Mr. Bulbul/YouTube)
FILE PHOTO: Screengrab from Mr. Bulbul's vlog where he tries deep-frying towel. (Source: Mr. Bulbul/YouTube)

A famous Korean vlogger recently went viral for recreating the controversial Jollibee “fried towel” as an “experiment.”

Earlier this month, the local fast-food chain made headlines after a woman claimed on social media that when she closely examined the chicken she bought for her son, it turned out to be a deep-fried towel. 

YouTube vlogger Mr. Bulbul, whose channel features Filipino food, wanted to find out whether this controversy was a deliberate sabotage or an accidental mistake.

Mr. Bulbul clarified on his vlog that he has nothing against the homegrown Filipino fastfood chain.

He added that he was just amazed by how much the fried towel looked like real fried chicken, and wanted to know how it happened. 

“I don’t know what happened in detail. So I can’t tell if it’s fake (intended), or just a simple mistake,” he said.

For his cooking experiment, Mr. Bulbul cut the kitchen towel in half. He tied half of the towel around a chopstick to form a chicken leg. The other half he crumpled into a ball, and then dipped into flour. After a few coats, he eventually deep fried the towel.

“This looks real! It even smells nice,” he laughingly said as he put the breaded towel into the frying pan.

Mr. Bulbul ended his video with some hypotheses of what could have happened. 

He said it could have been deliberate because the kitchen towel, when fried, was too big to be mistaken for Chickenjoy. So he said maybe someone cut it to the right size. He also said that it is possible that a small towel just fell into the basket of chicken to be coated and fried.

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