Kris Aquino: I am not the right person to speak for ASD kids

19 Mar – Although her eldest son Joshua was born with autism, Kris Aquino recently stated that she is not the right person to be the spokeswoman for kids with ASD.

As reported on Inquirer, the actress recently responded to a comment made by follower on Instagram, who suggested that Aquino could be a great help to raise awareness about autism due to her influence and popularity, and the fact that she has the experience of caring for a son with similar situation.

Aquino responded, "I am not the right person [because] our experience has been totally different- I'm being 100% honest."

The actress said they are lucky to have the financial means to have the best intervention possible for Joshua, something that others may not be able to do.

She also said that there will always be those who would spew hate towards her family, and that she would rather not let her son be abused by such people.

"If you have to endure my experiences as a mother, I believe you would not be asking this of me. It is easy to request but try to read [comments calling your son] "mongoloid", "abnoy", ["the karma of your life"] every time there's a political issue that has nothing to do with Josh and you'll understand me," she said.

(Photo Source: Kris Aquino Instagram)