Kris Aquino's latest social media break lasted five days

22 Apr – It was the 9th of April when Kris Aquino announced that she will be taking an indefinite break from social media for the sake of her health - that is until she returned to it five days later.

It was this very short break that made one netizen using the handle arlenes17 question the actress' sincerity and seriousness, according to PEP, by asking why Aquino decided to come back after her long post about taking a break.

It is noted that Aquino published a new post back on 15 April to lash at Caloocan City 2nd District Representative Edgar Erice for supposedly criticising her brother and former president Noynoy Aquino.

She went on to publish several more political posts, and then two more about her two sons.

To the Instagram user, Aquino wrote, "Because when you have news that can inspire, when you have a FAMILY that can come together and make LOVE be the center of their relationship, you shout about it from your platform."

The netizen then pointed out the inconsistencies of Aquino's words, saying that this is not the first time that the actress backed out from her decision.

"[...] I'm not just talking about this post but also your [two] previous posts. You said it yourself, you're an AQUINO and you take pride of [words of honour] in your family. It's mind boggling somehow that it was otherwise.

"Sorry Kris, but this is just my opinion but it's your account and your life. Good luck and be happy. I sincerely hope you find peace in your heart," the netizen added.

In her previous "goodbye" post, Aquino stated that she would like to stop pretending that she is okay and make peace with her health situation.

"And I need to do that PRIVATELY. I'm sure you're now making bets on how long this will last, BUT I'm taking control, so my return is up to me, when I'm ready," she said.

(Photo Source: Kris Aquino Instagram)