Kris Aquino running for VP in 2016?

Kim Arveen Patria
Kim Arveen Patria
Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom

She may have said goodbye to showbiz in a surprise dramatic move, but actress and presidential sister Kris Aquino may have bigger plans, a prelate said.

Retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz on Tuesday urged the actress' camp to clarify rumors that she is being groomed to be Interior and Local Government Sec. Mar Roxas' running mate in the 2016 presidential race.

"Formerly it was only in whispers, now it has become more commonly said and heard that the youngest sister of the president of the republic will also run as vice-president of the republic come 2016," Cruz said.

The prelate cited "credible" sources from President Benigno Aquino III's camp, as he noted that "those concerned better address this matter."

"If it's not true then they should say it so that it will stop once and for all but if there is silence, that means there is consent," Cruz said.

Rumors on Kris Aquino's candidacy had begun circulating in January, Cruz said, adding that they are bound to continue until the actress’ camp responds.

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Speculations have also been sparked anew after Kris Aquino resigned from all her showbiz engagements last month amid renewed conflicts with her former husband, basketball star James Yap.

This is not the first time reports floated the possibility of Kris Aquino's foray into politics. The actress herself announced in 2010 that she has plans to run for Tarlac governor in 2016.

Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda laughed the rumors off, however, even as he noted that he is not aware of Kris Aquino's plans.

"We'd rather not talk on that because, primarily, I have not discussed anything with Ms. Kris Aquino," Lacierda said in a press briefing Wednesday.

"She has made a decision right now to do—to be at peace, to live quietly, so let's allow her some space," he added.

The Cabinet official went on to say that he hopes "the good bishop will not engage in 'chika.'"

"Some people as they grow old they become elder statesmen; some people when they grow old they become rumormongers," Lacierda quipped.

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Cruz had clarified, however, that he has nothing against the presidential sister. "I'm not saying she's not capable," the retired Lingayen archbishop said.

"If she's going to run, let her run because it takes so little requirement to be a public official in this country. You are a Filipino citizen, you know how to read and write," he added.

Cruz even said the actress has a chance to beat her opponents should she decide to run.ctress has a chance to beat her opponents should she decide to run.

"She's an actress and the Filipino electorate in general likes actors and actresses--Like Lito Lapid," he added, referring to actor-turned-Senator Lito Lapid.

"The thing is I say this as of today because tomorrow they might say no more. So I'm not saying that she will do it in 2016, I'm just saying that up to now, this is what is being said," Cruz said.

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