Kylie Padilla slams Cristy Fermin over claims about her alleged infidelity

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FILE PHOTO: (Left) Kylie Padilla, (Right) Cristy Fermin
FILE PHOTO: (Left) Kylie Padilla, (Right) Cristy Fermin

The breakup drama between actress Kylie Padilla and her ex-husband Aljur Abrenica appears to be taking a toll on the actress. At this point, she seems to be fed up with all the unwanted attention.

In a series of tweets that have since been deleted, Robin Padilla's daughter took aim at renowned showbiz writer Cristy Fermin.

Cristy has supposedly been spreading rumors about her to make her look bad.

“Hi Cristy Fermin. Alam ko kung sino source mo. Wag nyong hintayin mag salita ako tungkol sa inyo. Nag titimpi ako para sa mga anak ko. Tignan nyo mga mali myo sa sarili nyo bago kayo manghusga ng ibang tao. Ano bang makukuha nyo sa pag sisira sakin? GROW UP. Ang tatanda nyo na,” Kylie wrote on a tweet.

(Translation: I know who your source is. Don't wait for me to talk about you. I am controlling my emotions for the sake of my children. Look at your own faults before you judge other people. What can you get for destroying me? GROW UP. You all are old already.)

At sana kung sisiraan nyo ako totoo mga pinagsasabi nyo. Mahiya naman kayo sa mga sarili nyo,” she said in a separate tweet.

(Translation: And I hope if you are going to talk bad about me, what you are saying is true. Shame on you.)

In a recent episode of "Cristy Per Minute," the talk show host claimed to have revealed the actress’ alleged infidelity.

According to the showbiz writer’s source, Kylie and her mysterious phone pall would talk till dawn.

Kung natatandaan niyo po, mga kapatid, lagi po nating pinag-uusapan noon ‘yung kwento ng aking source na si Kylie po talaga ‘yung laging may kausap sa garden,” Cristy said.

(Translation: If you remember, we used to always talk about the story of my source, Kylie, who always had someone to talk to in the garden.)

Kahit na madaling-araw, oo, meron siyang kausap sa phone, bumababa siya. Kahit sa kusina, gano’n-gano’n, meron siyang kausap. Natural, hindi naman patay na lokohan si Aljur, ‘di ba? Lalaki ‘yan. Kung ang babae po ay malakas ang pakiramdam, ang tunog naman po ng lalaki, matibay,” she added.

(Translation: Even at dawn, yes, she was talking on the phone, she was coming down. Even in the kitchen, anyway, he had someone to talk to. Naturally, Aljur isn’t fooled, is he? That’s a man. If the woman feels strong, the man's hearing is strong.)

Meanwhile, the actress assured her fans that she's doing well.

“I have all I could ever want already. Para sa lahat ng nag aalala sakin, (for all those who care about me) I’m really ok. Masaya ako (I'm happy) and I will protect my happiness. No matter what,” she wrote, along with the photo of her and kids Alas and Axl.

On Friday, Kylie posted another cryptic tweet about not pitting women against each other.

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