Kylie Padilla slams Netizens for fat-shaming her

25 Sep - New mother Kylie Padilla recently expressed her frustration over the negative comments about her post-baby physique that came after she shared a photo of herself at the gym recently.

In a post that she published on 23 September, Padilla, who confessed that she will return to her former self again, stated that she is more perplexed than hurt that people made comments about her post-baby body, since everybody knows that it hasn't been that long since she gave birth to son Alas Joaquin.

"Yes, I am fat. I am overweight. Whatever these things people tell me that is supposed to make me feel guilty or bad. Fine, but the thing is I have never felt so confident, so happy and so in love with my body. Stretch marks and all," she said.

Padilla stated that while she had what society deemed "a perfect body" in the past, she was unhappy with the way she treated it and how she felt about it, adding that she used to be depressed because she was starving and had succumbed to people's expectation.

As for her current figure, Padilla said, "No label or opinion is going to stop me from being proud of myself that first, I am now a mother; and [second], that finally I can choose to be happy no matter how imperfect people or culture says I am. Something that I could never do before."

Finally, Padilla urged the public not to let people shame them for their looks, and to be confident in whatever size, shape, colour or race they are.

(Photo Source: Kylie Padilla Instagram)