KZ Tandingan not afraid to sing in Mandarin again

22 Feb – Although her decision to sing in Mandarin has put her in sixth place, KZ Tandingan stated that she will continue to perform Mandarin songs in the next episode of "Singer 2018".

As reported on ABS-CBN, the singer, who barely secured her position in the competition when she fell from the top spot to the sixth last week, admitted that she was a little frustrated with the result.

However, she is not regretting her choice of singing the Mandarin song, "The Pain Which You Don't Know", especially since she received a positive feedback from the audience.

"All the comments I got from Weibo are that they're very excited with my Mandarin. That's it. I hit the target," she said.

Tandingan also admitted that the producers of the Hunan TV show also requested for her to perform in Mandarin again based on the reception.

"Since they are all excited, I am singing Mandarin again. Let's go there. Let's see," she added.

(Photo source: KZ Tandingan Instagram)