Labangon soon to have new barangay hall

BARANGAY Labangon in Cebu City will soon have a new village hall. This will be the first barangay hall in Cebu City to have basement parking, an elevator, and a basketball court and volleyball court on the third floor.

The new barangay hall is being constructed beside the old barangay hall, where the public market and a covered court were formerly situated.

In an interview on SunStar Cebu’s “Kumusta Kap” program, Barangay Labangon chief Victor Buendia said the two three-story buildings will not only include offices for him and his barangay officials but also stalls on the ground floor which they can rent out to vendors.

Buendia added that they will also construct basketball and volleyball courts on the third floor as a way for the barangay to generate income.

The new barangay hall is expected to partially open this year.

P6 million

Buendia said the building, when completed, is expected to generate revenue of P500,000 every month or P6 million annually.

With that amount, Buendia said, the barangay could already stand on its own and would no longer have to rely on the City or the national government for financial support.

“The income of the barangay is very important because that is where we get our daily expenses,” said Buendia.

At present, the barangay has an available budget of P100 million for the construction of the two buildings, but it still needs another P100 million to complete the project.

Buendia hopes that Mayor Michael Rama and Cebu City South District Rep. Eduardo “Edu” Rama Jr. will extend financial help so they can finish the project in due time.

Command center

Meanwhile, Councilor Kim Kyle Buendia, the village chief’s eldest son, said the barangay’s command center continues to serve their constituents.

The barangay councilor, who chairs the village’s disaster committee, said he also organized a Community Fire Auxiliary Group (CFAG), composed of young men and women from all corners of the barangay, to help respond to fire incidents.

He said CFAG has been a great help being the first responders since there were times when fires broke out that the group used the fire extinguishers provided by the barangay in each of the 48 sitios to put out the fire, while the fire trucks had yet to arrive. (BBT / TPT)