Labella asks court to postpone demolition in Lahug sitio

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THE Cebu City Government has asked the judge of the Municipal Trial Court in Cities (MTCC) Branch 11 to postpone for six months the demolition of the 35 houses in Sitio Kamagong, Barangay Lahug.

Mayor Edgar Labella sent a letter to assisting judge Vivien Leigh Santiago-Lumangtad of the MTCC Branch 11 regarding the Second Notice to Implement for Writ of Demolition on March 29, 2021.

“For humanitarian reasons, considering that these persons are still recovering from the effects of the ongoing Covid pandemic, I am personally appealing that this honorable court hold in abeyance the scheduled demolition on May 19, 20, 21, 24 and 25, 2021 and give us six months to assist these families in finding a suitable relocation site for them,” read a part of Labella’s letter which the MTCC received on May 19.

Orlando Bagacay, president of the homeowners, said the address in the demolition order which the sheriff brought was incorrect. Instead of “Kamagong,” “Jamesville Subdivision” was indicated in the order.

He said the sheriff insisted on pushing through with the demolition.

However, with the help of Labella and Councilor Raymond Garcia, the demolition was put on hold.

Bagacay said Jose Vaño is the owner of the 1.5-hectare land they live on, not the Cosmos Economic and Cultural Foundation Inc., based on the documents they have.

He said Jose Vaño died in the 1950s and his heirs are now claiming the property as its original title is still intact even though the property was affected by a fire during the World War II.

He said the property was sold to someone but upon checking the documents, they saw no deed of absolute sale which would have proved that the land was sold by the Vaños to that person.

Bagacay said their lawyer will take appropriate action in court so that their homes will not be demolished. (PAC / CCP)

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