Labella returns to work-from-home setup

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CEBU City Mayor Edgardo Labella has returned to work on Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2021, but still under a work-from-home arrangement.

The local executive, who has been visibly in frail health since the start of the year, took a six-day “personal leave” from Sept. 2 to 7.

City Administrator Floro Casas Jr. said the mayor is still gaining back his strength. But he did not divulge what had bothered Labella during his six-day personal leave.

“He is slowly, but steadily gaining back his strength,” Casas told the reporters, adding that the “mayor is good.”

Labella was hospitalized last July and discharged last Aug. 4. His stay in the hospital was for the treatment of his pneumonia, Casas previously said.

The first-term mayor first took a medical leave in January after he got an ear infection; last May 31, he took a three-day leave after he was hospitalized for a “slight pneumonia”; last June 9, he took a three-week leave to fully recover from sepsis; last July 14, he took a three-day leave because of a persistent cough, and the fifth one was the extended leave from July 14 until his return on Aug. 19.

When asked if Labella has specific instructions now that Cebu City is under general community quarantine, Casas said the mayor honors the executive order issued by Vice Mayor Michael Rama, who was the acting mayor during Labella’s personal leave.

Casas said Rama’s executive order stands and continues to be effective unless amended or revoked. (JJL)

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