Ladies, Never Feel Unsafe in an Airbnb Again With This New Female-Only Vacation Rental Service

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Ladies, if you've ever traveled alone or even with a pack of girlfriends, you know that it can sometimes be a little daunting renting a place on Airbnb or Vrbo in an unknown area. Who knows who the host could be? And if the surrounding area is even safe? A new vacation rental platform wants to ease women's worries when staying in someone else’s space. GoLightly, which launched this week, is a platform created by women, that offers safe places for other women to stay when traveling.

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The platform is similar to Airbnb except that to be able to use or host on Golightly, you must become a member of its very exclusive community. All properties available to rent on Golightly come from a select, invite-only network of women that have been carefully vetted. Not only that, but to be able to book through Golightly, you must also be invited and approved by the community (you can apply here and a Golightly member will reach out to you). Unlike other online rental markeplaces, information about the property and the host is kept private from the general public — only members can view it.

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Currently, properties listed on the Golightly span Europe, North America, and South America, but as the platform just launched, expect to see more and more destinations being added. Golightly members looking to travel can search rentals available in a desired area and adjust the settings to reflect her price range and/or party's size. While only women can only join Golightly to book, men (such as a partner) are allowed to accompany them, as well as kids. Right now, it looks like majority of listings offer the entire place, as opposed to just a single room. A win, if you ask us!

Founder Victoria O'Connell was inspired to start Golightly after a group of men burglarized her Longdon Flat in 2017, booked through a major home-share site. This experience made her realize how scary it can be for women to not only rent out their properties, but also to stay in someone else's space, especially when you're traveling solo. She wants Golightly to help women feel safe on all ends of the bargain, as well as providing quality lodging across the world.

Photo credit: Golightly

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