Lady Gaga's no makeup selfie and super messy bun is so relatable

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Photo credit: Gotham - Getty Images
Photo credit: Gotham - Getty Images

We can always rely on Lady Gaga to keep it real when it comes to social media, whether that's posting a topless, unfiltered selfie, or sharing a super relatable no makeup and disheveled hair snap.

Celebrating winning an an award for her Haus Labs Brow Pencil, Lady Gaga posted a candid, true behind the scenes picture of what she looked like in that very moment.

Wearing an oversized, cosy peach jumper, Gaga threw the peace sign while posing with no makeup (except for her now award-winning brow pencil).

Picture what you look like every Sunday when you're pottering around your room, tidying up, getting your life admin done. Now picture that exact same look on one of the most famous women in the world.

With her hair piled up in a messy half bun and her natural, unstraightened curls showing through, Lady G just proved that regardless of your celebrity status or bank statement, this is the one look that unifies all women.

We're also not entirely sure if she caught a bit too much sun, or if she's using a filter, either way her freckles look super adorable.

Also, speaking of bank accounts, take a look at that chandelier in the background.

We just find it super comforting to know that celebrities also look just like us on their days off, because we all know there is no better feeling than piling your hair up on top of your head after a long day.

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