Lapu-Lapu City Covid-19 cases ‘under control’

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THE increasing new cases of Covid-19 in Lapu-Lapu City is not a cause for alarm.

Grace Mary Chan Carungay, city epidemiological and surveillance unit (Cesu) officer, gave this assurance on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021.“We are a bit worried because the cases increased, but the situation is still under control,” she said.

Double digits

Lapu-Lapu City’s new Covid-19 cases reached double digits on Jan. 19, 2021 with 14 infections, according to Carungay, sister of Mayor Junard Chan.

Based on the data from the Cesu, Lapu-Lapu City registered a total of 94 active cases last Jan. 19.

Barangay Basak has the most number of active cases with 22.

Barangay Pusok came in second with 12 active cases; Barangay Pajo, 10; Barangay Pajac, 10; Barangay Maribago, seven; Barangay Mactan, six; Barangay Agus, six; Barangay Bankal, five; Barangay Subabasbas, three; Barangay Gun-ob, three; Barangay Babag, two; and Barangay Tingo, two.

Barangays Marigondon, Calawisan, Canjulao, Poblacion and Baring only have one active case each.

Home transmission

Carungay attributed the increase of Covid-19 to the transmission of the virus in homes.

“Many people were late in taking swab tests. They did not also isolate their family and companions in their homes right away. That’s the reason behind the quick spread of infections,” she said.

Chan, for his part, urged the residents to call the city’s hotline if they have symptoms of Covid-19 such as fever and dry cough.

The mayor said his office is ready to provide the needs of a household isolated because of Covid-19. (NDT / KAL)