Lapu official: ‘Get vaxxed asap with what’s available’

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LAPU-LAPU City Vaccination Operations Center (VOC) deputy officer James Sayson urged Oponganons not to be picky when it comes to vaccine brands.

This, after the VOC observed that there are fewer vaccinees in vaccination sites this week compared to previous weeks.

According to Sayson, one possible reason for this is that Oponganons are being picky with the vaccine brands.

In recent weeks, the city used Sinovac while this week, it is using Pfizer and Moderna. However, the city did not announce the vaccine brands so as to avoid overcrowding in vaccination sites.

Sayson learned that in other local government units, there are also fewer vaccinees this week than in previous ones.

Anxious about variants

Another possible reason for this, Sayson said, is that people are scared to go out due to the threat of the Delta and Lambda variants.

Sayson said vaccine hesitancy can also be chalked up to misinformation about the different brands.

When City Health personnel went around the barangays where they also conduct vaccination, they learned that those who do not want to get vaccinated are often the misinformed ones.

Sayson wants to make it clear to the public that now is not the time to discriminate against any vaccine brand as all of them are effective against Covid-19 in that an individual will only experience mild symptoms if he ever gets infected.

He also said it is important to get vaccinated against Covid-19 as soon as possible as the Delta variant has reached Cebu and the Lambda variant will likely follow.

More Pfizer doses

Meanwhile, Metro Cebu, including the vaccination initiative of the Project Balik Buhay (PBB), received a total of 14,040 doses or 12 trays of the newly delivered Pfizer vaccines on Wednesday, Aug. 18.

The same number of Pfizer doses has also been allocated for Cebu Province.

Dr. Mary Jean Loreche, Visayas Covid-19 Vaccination Operations Center (VVOC) spokesperson, said 51,480 fresh doses of Pfizer vaccines were delivered to the region on Wednesday.

Aside from Metro Cebu and Cebu Province, the Province of Bohol has also been given 10,530 doses, while Negros Oriental received 12,870 doses.

The Bureau of Customs Cebu-Subport of Mactan facilitated the delivery of the vaccines.

For the Metro Cebu allocation, the tri-cities of Cebu, Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu and the PBB vaccination initiative received 2,340 doses each, while Talisay City, the City of Naga and the municipalities of Minglanilla and Consolacion got 1,170 doses each.

These Pfizer vaccines, Loreche said, will be allocated for the first and second doses. This means the 51,480 doses of Pfizer vaccines will be used to inoculate 25,740 vaccinees.

“On Aug. 21 or 22, or in the coming two to three days, we will be receiving again another batch of Sinovac doses coming from the three million Sinovac doses that were received by our national government,” she said. (GCM/WBS/CCP)

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