Large enterprises in Mandaue ‘to mentor small businesses’

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TO HELP micro and small businesses grow, the Mandaue Investment Promotions Action Center (Mipac) will launch a mentoring system for 26 homegrown brands.

This, after Mipac recognized 26 products, services and enterprises that took part in the Tatak Mandaue 2020.

During their culminating activity on Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2020, Kristian Marc Cabahug, Mipac executive director, said they will link large enterprises with micro and small enterprises. That way, large enterprises can share their best practices with small and micro enterprises, he said.

Cabahug said their vision is for all businesses in Mandaue City to grow together, contributing to the city’s growth.

Many micro and small businesses were affected by the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic, with many being forced to shut down during the peak of the lockdown.

Through Mipac, Cabahug said, they have helped these homegrown businesses to open again and link them to the market to increase their sales.

He said these homegrown businesses should also be recognized for being resilient.

In a separate interview, Mayor Jonas Cortes said they recognized these businesses for giving honor to Mandaue, especially since some of them offer delicacies that the city is known for.

Cortes said that he hopes other homegrown businesses will be inspired by Tatak Mandaue 2020.

The recognition and culminating activity will become an annual activity of Mipac.

Meanwhile, Cabahug said Mipac will soon launch delivery services for Tatak Mandaue businesses in the second half of next year.

He said they are only finalizing their database.

They also plan to tap existing delivery apps in Mandaue and link them to Tatak Mandaue businesses, he said. (KFD)