Laura Mercier's cult Tinted Moisturiser has been reformulated and it's blowing my mind

Gabrielle Dyer
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You know those products that have managed to claim a big name for themselves in the industry: yeah, this is one of them.

Like MAC Face And Body back in its hay day (you swore by that stuff too?) Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturiser is (apparently) a force to be reckoned with. I wouldn't actually know, I'd never used the stuff pre reformulation, but word on the street is it was really, rather good.

Dubbed the 'secret to a flawless, glowing, no-makeup makeup look' - I knew right off the bat that we would get along. Give me anything that promises to boost my skin's radiance whilst leaving me looking like I'm not wearing makeup and I am yours forever.

While the original tubes already claimed to do just that, they now do that x 10, as they've been reformulated to make them just that little bit more dewy (sometimes dreams do come true).


Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK

As discussed, the OG Tinted Moisturiser was already REAL good, so I was extremely interested to see how it had improved. Turns out, they made it even more moisturising.

The new-found glossiness comes courtesy of ingredients macadamia and kukui seed oil - which makes a lot of sense, as they're both nourishing AF - plus they're oils, so, obvs.

I should have probably mentioned this earlier: there are two tinted moisturisers, a normal formula, and an illuminating one. Naturally, the illuminating one has my name written all over it - the shinier the better are words that I live by - so this was the one I decided to run with.

Having not used the original, I had nothing to compare it to other than glorious past reviews and hearsay. How does it differ from the old one? The Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser has French algae and liquorice extract, alongside micronised pearl pigments to really up the ante on that glimmer.

A word of warning: this sh*t is shiny. Not that horrible, just left the gym I'm dripping in sweat shiny, but still shiny, no less. However, it really does give you that insatiable glow that previously I was having to frantically home-blend various liquid highlighters and foundations on the back of my hand to achieve. This in turn, has stopped me from getting makeup on the sleeves of my clothes, and that my friends is worth its weight in gold.


Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK

I would - and I can't stress this enough - recommend just a touch of lose powder across the T-zone, to take the edge off the gleam. Other than that you're good to go forth with your ethereal complexion. Enjoy.

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