LoL Arcane: Easter Eggs you may have missed in Act 1

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The first act of Arcane, the League of Legends (LoL) animated series on Netflix, is already out. 

In its first three episodes, the show has thus far delivered beautiful animation as well as a strong plot that both long-time LoL fans and newcomers alike will find gripping.

Act 1 focuses on the pasts of Arcane's main characters: Jinx and Vi in Zaun as well as Jayce, Viktor, and Caitlyn in Piltover. The first three episodes are brimming with tension between the two cities, and moral choices are already challenged early in the story.

But what makes watching Arcane even more fun is seeing cameos and references to our favorite LoL champions and other in-game titbits. We've listed a few of these Easter eggs for you, let's see if you've spotted them all.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers from Episodes 1-3. Proceed with caution.

Caitlyn's Cupcakes

Did you miss these cupcakes? (Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)
Did you miss these cupcakes? (Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)

In Episode 1, young Vi and Powder, along with two of their friends Mylo and Claggor, went on a heist to steal from Piltover's residents. 

As they made their way across the rooftop, the neighbouring balcony's delightful treats caught our eye: pink-frosted cupcakes topped with a cherry. To those who play LoL, these cupcakes are a nod to Caitlyn's W ability, the "Yordle Snap Trap."

Pentakill's Logo

Blink and you'll miss it! (Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)
Blink and you'll miss it! (Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)

If you've been a fan of LoL for quite some time, you might be familiar with Pentakill, the virtual heavy metal band created by Riot Games in 2014. 

Keep your eyes peeled in Episode 1 when Powder gets chased down by one of Deckard's friends, and you will see graffiti of the band's logo on one of the walls.

Gentleman Cho'Gath

Looking dapper. (Photos: Riot Games/Netflix)
Looking dapper. (Photos: Riot Games/Netflix)

The kids pass through an abandoned building that connects the underground city to the topside. 

On their way to the elevator, they pass by a poster of a familiar LoL Champion: Cho'Gath, who is wearing the Gentleman skin that was released in 2010.

Krugs and Puffcaps

Don't eat them. (Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)
Don't eat them. (Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)

As the kids made their way through the neighbourhood, they passed through Zaun's marketplace. 

Among the merchandise is a caged Krug, which are found in the jungles of the League of Legends game. 

Beside the Krug are Puffcaps, Teemo's infamous mushrooms used for his Noxious Traps.

Tryndamere's Helmet

Best not to nego for it. (Photos: Riot Games/Netflix)
Best not to nego for it. (Photos: Riot Games/Netflix)

Benzo's shop is packed with treasures from all across Runeterra, so it's no surprise to see items foreign to the twin cities. 

One of them is the helmet of the Barbarian King from Freljord, Tryndamere, hanging above the doorway.

Heart of Gold and Rabadon's Deathcap

Shiny! (Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)
Shiny! (Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)

In the next scene, Benzo examines a trinket that looks like a turtle shell outlined in gold. 

This is actually the Heart of Gold, an old LoL item that has been phased out since Season 3. 

Not gonna sort you into Ravenclaw, sadly. (Photos: Riot Games/Netflix)
Not gonna sort you into Ravenclaw, sadly. (Photos: Riot Games/Netflix)

We also spotted Rabadon's Deathcap, an existing in-game legendary item, in the shelves nearby.

Jhin, Liandry and Blood Moon Masks

Totally not eerie. (Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)
Totally not eerie. (Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)

When Ekko tries to eavesdrop on the conversation between Vander and Benzo, he uses a tube connected to a mask that's on the shelf. 

It looks very much like the mask of the Ionian Virtuoso Jhin. This champion was a popular choice at the semi finals and finals of Worlds 2021.

Beside his mask is Liandry's Anguish, another phased out item. 

And finally, the last mask at the end of the shelf is a Blood Moon mask, part of the Blood Moon skin series.

Singed the Mad Chemist

Probably not trying to find a cure for a pandemic. (Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)
Probably not trying to find a cure for a pandemic. (Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)

There has been much speculation that Silco is Singed due to the fact that the trailers showed him frequenting a lab with dangerous chemicals. 

However, we found out instead that he is a vengeful Chem Baron bent on destroying Vander and the top side.

But Silco did have an assistant, a bald chemist with features that were distinctly like Singed. He also was experimenting on a rat, who might end up being Twitch in the future. 

And when Powder blew up Silco's base, the bald chemist was caught in the middle of the explosion — which may account for the bandages all over the body of Singed.

Claggor's Goggles

Ouch. (Photos: Riot Games/Netflix)
Ouch. (Photos: Riot Games/Netflix)

One of Jinx and Vi's childhood friends was Claggor, and he always wore goggles wherever he went. 

We see these same goggles on Vi's original character design. 

What we didn't realize was how much weight this Easter egg bore until the third episode, where we witnessed the tragic demise of Claggor and Mylo after Powder blew up Silco's base with a Hextech crystal.

What's even more tragic is that they could have escaped Silco's base unscathed had Powder stayed home. 

Vi donning Claggor's goggles in the future proves that she hasn't forgotten her past, contrary to the Zaunites' allegations.

Vander really may be Warwick

Look at those puppy dog eyes. (Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)
Look at those puppy dog eyes. (Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)

There is much to talk about Vander, the father figure of Jinx, Vi, Mylo and Claggor. 

But Warwick's past and his in-game voice lines against Jinx and Vi all point to Vander. Many more lines and hints were pointing to Warwick, and we'll be covering this in detail another time.

The upcoming episodes will probably have more of these hidden gems, and we're excited to discover them all! Arcane's first act is now available on Netflix and Tencent. 

The second act will be released on 13 November, with the third and final act releasing on 20 November.

For everything you need to know about Arcane, check here.

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