League of Legends meets Magic: The Gathering with Secret Lair drops

If you’re a fan of MOBA game League of Legends as well as the card game Magic: The Gathering, your wildest dream might finally be coming alive (although your wallet might disagree).

Wizards of the Coast just announced two new Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair drops in a crossover with Riot Games, celebrating the launch of the current Netflix animated series hit Arcane: League of Legends, which is set in the League of Legends universe.

The two Secret Lair drops, Secret Lair x Arcane and Secret Lair x Arcane: Lands, will be on sale from 29 November to 23 December, and are available in both foil and non-foil.

The drops will feature lands that capture key locations in the anime such as Piltover and the Undercity. The cards will all be revealed in the coming weeks after the animated series is fully released on Netflix.

Expect to see your favourite League of Legends champions already featured in Arcane to be printed on actual Magic cardboard. Unfortunately, it looks like the cards will all be non-creature spells, so while the champions will be on the art, it'll be a while more (or never) before you actually get to summon Vi or Jinx to attack your opponent.

Secret Lair x Arcane (Image: Wizards of the Coast)
Secret Lair x Arcane (Image: Wizards of the Coast)

Both drops will be available for pre-order beginning 29 November for US$29.99 (non-foil) and US$39.99 (foil).

Wizards of the Coast has previously announced other game-related Secret Lair drops, with Street Fighter, Fornite and the Warhammer 40k series.

Arcane premiered globally on Netflix and Tencent on 6 November, with its first two acts now available for viewing. The third and final act of the show will be released on 20 November.

For everything you need to know about Arcane, check here.

PS: Pssst, Valve & Lord Gaben, maybe you should contact Wizards to promote Dragon’s Blood? There are so many dragons in Magic, Davion will fit right in!

PPS: Maybe… Just maybe... Chandra will end up in Legends of Runeterra? Or maybe as a LoL skin? Yes, Riot Games and Wizards?

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