League of Legends Patch 11.24b: Gwen, Kai’Sa buffed; Vayne, Lux nerfed

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League of Legends' 11.24b patch is out, with Gwen, Vayne, Kai'Sa, and Lux among the champions receving various tweaks. (Photos: Riot Games)
League of Legends' 11.24b patch is out, with Gwen, Vayne, Kai'Sa, and Lux among the champions receving various tweaks. (Photos: Riot Games)

We thought that League of Legends' (LoL) 11.24 patch earlier this month was the final patch for the year…but it was apparently not. 

Instead, LoL developer Riot Games released a surprise follow-up patch 11.24b on Wednesday (15 December), focusing more on champion balance following the Preseason 2022 changes. 

This announcement came through Riot Phlox’s preview on Twitter, emphasizing that they wanted players to enjoy the game better over the holidays until the end of this year.

So what changes were implemented in 11.24b? Are your favourite champions affected? Here are the changes you need to know in LoL's 11.24b patch:

Champion Buffs

The preview gained mixed reactions from players on social media, with Gwen, Olaf, Kai’sa, Varus, and Pyke all receiving buffs for this micro patch. 

Some of these champions were premium picks in Season 2021, and the balance team opted to boost them to keep them relevant in the next season.

Gwen, one of the year’s newest champions, has been a bane for most on solo queue, making the champion the 7th most-banned champion for the year. The Hallowed Seamstress received an increase in hit points from 500 to 590.

Meanwhile, some buffs for the Berserker Olaf are probably making both myself and pro players groan since he’s one of the most annoying junglers in the game this year. Olaf’s attack speed from his passive ability “Berserker Rage” got a significant buff, going from 75% to 100% bonus.

Olaf isn’t the only one to enjoy buffs to attack speed with his passive ability. Varus received the attack speed buff for “Living Vengeance” at levels 1, 6, 11, and 16. In addition, his W skill, “Blighted Quiver,” got some attention for this patch. This means he now deals more damage, while his auto attacks’ speed has also increased.

Kai’sa was one of the most picked/banned champions in both solo queue and the pro scene, and the champion received buffs for this micro patch, with the developers wanting to keep her relevant in the coming season. She was given an increase in bonus damage for both the Second Skin and Icathian Rain skills.

On the other hand, Pyke also received some love, having dropped from the meta this year. To make him relevant once again, he gets extra health regeneration on his passive ability, and his Bone Skewer skill now deals more damage.

Champion Nerfs

Vayne, Kassadin, Dr. Mundo, Lux, and Talon are the champions that received nerfs in this patch.

Kassadin has been difficult to deal with on the rift, especially after the new mythic items for mages increased his effect in the game. His P Magic Damage reduction has decreased from 15% to 10%, and Bonus damage from his W skill decreased across levels, from 70/95/120/145/170 to 50/75/100/125/150.

Vayne is one of the top picks as a marksman in Season 2021, flourishing in both the top and bottom lanes. To even things out, her R Bonus Attack Damage has been decreased from 35/50/65 to 25/40/55.

Dr. Mundo wasn’t necessarily dominant this season, but his strength in the jungle proved to be a challenge for most, especially with the new dragons and items. As a result, his HP Regen has been reduced from 8 to 6.5.

Meanwhile, Lux also received some nerfs, with her Q Cooldown going from 11/10.5/10/9.5/9 to 11 at all levels. In addition, the base damage of her Q also decreased by 10 points across levels, from 35/50/65 to 25/40/55.

Finally, Talon’s W Monster Mod decreased from 150% to 130%

Rune Buffs and Nerfs

Glacial Augment gets a buff in the final patch of the year, with the Heal and Shield Ratio going up from 7% (per 10% Heal and Shield power) to 9% (per 10% and Shield power).

First Strike had only been recently released but has proven to be a bit too powerful, so it received a 1% nerf its Damage bonus, going from 10% to 9%.

For the full details of the first half of Patch 11.24, click here.

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