LoL patch 11.22: Yuumi gets nerfed; Renekton and Riven get buffed

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Yuumi (Photo: Riot Games)
Yuumi (Photo: Riot Games)

Season 11 of League of Legends (LoL) is coming to an end. But even as Preseason 2022 is already underway, developer Riot Games continues to add tweaks to the game with the 11.22 Patch.

Riot's developer "Phlox" has recently previewed some of the changes that Patch 11.22 contains, acknowledging improvements needed for balanced gameplay. 

This upcoming patch intends to level out the champion roster, improve Goredrinker, and introduce Arcane and Victorious skins in anticipation of Preseason 2022. Patch 11.22 will be released to all public servers on 3 November.

Here's a rundown on the final changes on the Summoner's rift before Preseason 2022:

Champion Nerfs

This patch targeted champions dominating the rift at Worlds 2021, with Yuumi, Qiyanah, and Graves at the top of the list.

Yuumi has been dominant over the last several weeks after a controversial first pick debut by DWG KIA at the Group Stage of Worlds 2021. 

The love-to-hate feline had a 95.6% presence at Worlds with a whopping 50 bans, though she has a 53.3% win rate if she gets through the draft. As a result, the magical cat's popularity (or notoriety) on solo queue rose, assisting the likes of Olaf, Miss Fortune, and Ezreal. 

Riot reduced her move speed ratio from 10% to 6% per 100 AP to level out the playing field. Her heal has also been decreased across every level and her bonus AP ratio is now at +35%.

Qiyanah's early game strength has been a bit too much, especially since she's a recent jungle favourite. To push her impact later into the game, her base health was reduced from 590 to 520 while her HP increase per level was bumped from 90 to 110. Edge of Ixtal's early-level damage will also be decreased, but it will have modest gains in late-level damage while its bonus AD percentage has been reduced by 10%. Lastly, her E damage went up across levels at 50/90/130/170/210, but the bonus AD went down to +60% AD.

Graves' passive pellet crit damage will be reduced by 10%, while Kha'Zix's Q ability will see a 15% reduction in its bonus AD ratio. This ability's isolated extra AD will be reduced from 273% to 241.5% instead.

Finally, with his crowd control abilities, Maokai support has been a popular choice for solo queue. Being one of the strongest selections in the current meta, Riot decided to nerf him a bit as well. His passive maximum health healing was reduced to 15%, and his W damage was reduced across levels, now at 60/100/140/180/220.

Champion Buffs

Riven (Photo: Riot Games)
Riven (Photo: Riot Games)

While popular champions have been hit with the nerf hammer in this patch, a handful of others will receive buffs, including Renekton, Akali, Kayn, Riven, Varus and Kalista.

Renekton's Ruthless Predator was nerfed in 11.21, with the stun duration reduced from 1.5 seconds to 1 second. This will be reverted in the upcoming patch, hopefully balancing out another previous nerf to the Butcher of the Sand's Dominus.

A boost was also given to the E spell ratios of Varus and Kalista, with the former getting a 60 -70% increase while the latter got a 60-90% increase. These slight improvements may help these champions become ADC staples.

Additionally, Riven's Ki Burst will now deal more damage. Instead of a starting damage of 55, Ki Burst will now do 65 damage at level one, with damage rising by 30 each level afterwards. Riven's E shield ratio also increased to 120%

Kayn (Rhaast) also received some tweaks. His Reaping Slash AD ratio increased to 6% per 100 AD, while the ultimate's HD ratio increased to 15%.

Finally, Akali's Assassin's Mark is getting a massive AP increase. The Rogue Assassin's passive damage range will increase from 29-170 to 35-182, giving a whopping +55% AP. This will hopefully help Akali become a favourite pick once again in the mid lane.

Goredrinker Buff

Patch 11.21's nerf to Goredrinker seemed a little disproportionate to Riot's liking. The nerf appeared too much for most bruisers to handle, making it hard for players to use champions like Riven and Kayn, so a modest boost on the item is being given in the incoming update.

As a result, Goredrinker will get a boost in health from 400 to 450 and an increase in Omnivamp from 8% to 10%.

Arcane and Victorious Skins

(Photo: Riot Games)
(Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends will have three new skins for this incoming patch, two of which are tied to Arcane, LoL's animated Netflix series.

Skins for Jayce and Vi will be made available three days before Arcane's premiere. Fans can expect the skins to look just like how the two champions did in the Arcane trailer. However, details on how to obtain the skins haven't been revealed at this point.

Lastly, the Victorious Blitzcrank skin will be part of the upcoming patch to reward players who reach gold rank at the end of the season. 

This skin comes with a set of chromas and matching icons as well. More details on the champion skin will be announced later on.

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