League of Legends: Sivir is finally getting a much-needed rework

Illustration of Sivir, The Battle Mistress in League of Legends. (Photo: Riot Games)
Sivir, The Battle Mistress, is getting a rework after more than two lackluster seasons. (Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends (LoL) has been quite busy with shaking things up for its players this year, with new champions being released and older champions getting reworks almost every month.

Zeri the Spark of Zaun debuted in January alongside reworks for Janna and Tahm Kench. Next, Renata Glasc, the Chem Baroness, was released into the rift in February along with Ahri's rework.

In April, LoL developer Riot Games released the rework of Rengar, Swain, and Olaf. Riot did not slow down in May, when they released the rework of Taliyah followed by the arrival of Bel'veth.

And right before a preview on Nilah, the newest champion was dropped, Lead Champion Designer for LoL, August Browning, announced a rework for Sivir the Battle Mistress.

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The Battle Mistress has been mostly a benchwarmer in Season 11 and 12, and according to U.GG, a LoL Statistics site, she’s a B-tier champion with a 48.99% win rate.

Her pick rate is depressing at 1.7% and her ban rate is almost negligible at just 0.5%. We also haven’t seen much action from her in pro play for about two years now.

Sivir's unpopularity is largely due to her short range, which makes it hard for her to go against long-range ADCs like Caitlyn. Along with that, her On the Hunt ultimate is quite underwhelming, further contributing to her abysmal pick and win rates.

Riot’s Ray “RayYonggi” Williams, most known for champions like Akshan, Lillia, and Diana, and Season 11’s Lethality Item system revamp, will be in charge of Sivir’s rework.

In a Reddit thread, RayYonggi confirmed that the high-level goals of this rework are to "legitimize her Crit build and playstyle".

This will be addressed by allowing her to deal high DPS “at the cost of her ability to shuttle teammates around.”

RayYonggi plans to make her W and Q more functional for crit builds, along with a DPS buff for her R, “in exchange for some (but not all) of her utility and early poke.”

The exact details of Sivir’s rework and release date have not yet been announced, but we’ll find out more in the coming days when August and RayYonggi update fans on the champion's reworked skillset.

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