Meet Nilah, League of Legends' new bot lane champion

Screenshot of Nilah of the Seventh Layer from League of Legends. (Photo: Riot Games)
Nilah of the Seventh Layer is LoL's new addition in the bot lane. (Photo: Riot Games)

It’s barely been two weeks since the release of Bel’veth, the Empress of the Void, and the newest addition in the jungle for League of Legends (LoL), and Riot Games is not stopping there.

Enter Nilah of the Seventh Layer, LoL’s newest bot lane champion.

Riot's newest teaser on Saturday (18 June) reveals Nilah "of the Seventh Layer", as she describes herself, to be the game's newest champion.

She was teased as a “colorful but deadly stranger from a distant land” during the Champion Roadmap in April, and she was further hinted at in a quick teaser a day earlier.

Compared to the dark, sinister, and terrifying Bel’veth, or the conniving, manipulative girl boss Renata Glasc, Nilah is a more joyful, light-hearted addition to the LoL roster.

In the lore that was teased in the champion roadmap, the owner of a tavern called “Oyster Bill’s Oyster Shack” relayed a tale about one of the nights in his oyster shack, when this colourful stranger got into a riff with some of his Noxian customers.

And before it became a rowdy bar fight, “mist suddenly filled the restaurant.”

Armed with a whip, Nilah laughs and leaves a trail of water in her path. Photo: Riot Games
Armed with a whip, Nilah laughs and leaves a trail of water in her path. (Photo: Riot Games)

He heard “joyous laughter and the sound of splashing water” before all of the Noxians were dead after the mist cleared, and this stranger disappeared.

Not a lot in this lore hints at where Nilah comes from, although the trailer shows that what seems to be her home or hideout is surrounded by water.

Aided by a demon she called "Lord of the Waters", Nilah, clad in colourful monk-like garb, wanders around Runeterra in search of evil that, according to the new League champion, has become too "comfortable" in the world.

Some of her abilities were shown in the trailer.

Nilah wields a colourful, flowy whip that moves about like splashing water.

One of her abilities seems to be a dash that leaves a splashing pool of water briefly and allows her to kite through her enemies effortless.

Another ability seems to envelop her in a shield that protects her from auto-attacks, which can potentially be shared with allies.

Finally, the clip shows Nilah forming a vortex around herself as she swings her whip, doing harm to anybody in the vicinity. When that ability is used, Nilah looks to be encircled by hands, a design element that can be seen in the champion's animations as well. In fact, she does a high-five with the hand that she called a “demon”.

Not a lot is revealed about Nilah, but fans can expect to learn more about her in the coming days and weeks if we follow Riot’s usual schedule of teasing and releasing champions.

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