League of Legends Wild Rift: Ekko, Pyke, and Nautilus arrive in Patch 3.2

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Ekko, Nautilus, and Pyke are joining the Wild Rift Roster. Photo: Riot Games
Ekko, Nautilus, and Pyke are finally joining the Wild Rift roster. (Photos: Riot Games)

League of Legends: Wild Rift has been taking its community on a wild ride, with its biggest update yet since the beginning of the year bringing three new champions: Ekko, Nautilus, and Pyke.

These three champions are coming to the Rift in Patch 3.2, with Ekko being the first to arrive on 12 May, and Nautilus and Pyke in the next coming weeks.

Here's what you can expect from this huge Wild Rift update.

Ekko, The Boy Who Shattered Time

Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time warps time on the Summoner's Rift. Photo: Riot Games
Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time warps time on the Summoner's Rift. (Photo: Riot Games)

Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time, is a new champion viable both in the mid lane and the jungle as an assassin.

His kit has a lot of area-of-effect magic damage and crowd-control that will be great for setting up ganks, thus allowing for an aggressive playstyle.

His passive, Z-Drive Resonance, allows him to burst down enemy champions with extra magic damage, giving him a boost of speed in the process.

Ekko’s first ability, Timewinder, unleashes a temporal grenade onto enemies that grows into a time-distortion zone, slowing and damaging everyone trapped within.

After a brief period, the grenade returns to Ekko, dealing damage to the enemy on its return. In the laning phase, this is his go-to ability for dealing damage.

Parallel Convergence summons another gadget that slows opponents trapped within. If Ekko enters the distortion zone, he obtains a shield and everyone stuck within is rooted.

Ekko mains can use Phase Dive to dash in and out of teamfights or away from turrets, making it harder to catch him.

Chronobreak, Ekko's ultimate, fully reverses time. In a pinch, he becomes untargetable and rewinds to a more advantageous timeline from a few seconds earlier.

He will also heal, and enemies in his presence will take massive, temporal damage. And it's easy to know where Ekko returns to through his afterimage, which follows him wherever he goes.

Nautilus, The Titan of the Depths

Hook, Line and Sink your enemies with Nautilus, The Titan of the Depths. Photo: Riot Games
Hook, Line and Sink your enemies with Nautilus, The Titan of the Depths. (Photo: Riot Games)

Players will now get another tanky support in the form of the Titan of the Depths, Nautilus. Having him stay alongside your team’s carries ensures that they’re fed enough to deal tons of damage in the late game.

This Titan deals a Staggering Blow, his passive, which deals increased physical damage on his first attack, rooting his enemies briefly.

Nautilus' Q, Dredge Line, flings his anchor forward in a furious burst of energy. Colliding with an opponent pulls them and Nautilus together, causing magic damage. This ability can also double as an escape mechanism, as hitting terrain pulls Nautilus towards it.

You can easily combine this first skill with his passive, dealing a staggering blow to the opponent and rooting them briefly in place.

Titan's Wrath, his second ability, provides Nautilus with a shield and waves of damage surrounding his next several basic strikes. Riptide, Nautilus' E, summons the force of the ocean and creates a circle of slowing tremors.

Finally, Nautilus' Depth Charge ultimate sends a shockwave through the ground to pursue an opponent. This shockwave smashes up the soil above it, sending foes flying. When it reaches his target, the shockwave explodes, pushing them into the air and stunning them.

Pyke, The Bloodharbor Ripper

Pyke, the Blood Harbor Ripper is one unconventional support. Photo: Riot Games
Pyke, the Blood Harbor Ripper is one unconventional support. (Photo: Riot Games)

One of League of Legends' resident edgelords is finally arriving on the mobile Summoner’s Rift.

Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper, is an unconventional support that can wait anywhere and everywhere to secure a kill.

First off, Pyke cannot increase his maximum health. Instead, any health gained from items becomes bonus attack damage.

His first ability, Bone Skewer, also has a hooking ability, as it can be charged to throw out his harpoon that yanks an enemy towards him.

Tapping deals damage and slows in front of him instead.

When you've caught a foe with Bone Skewer, utilize Pyke's second ability, Phantom Undertow, to make your champion run and leave behind a phantom that will return to him, stunning opposing champions in its route.

Pyke gets movement speed and invisibility with Ghostwater Dive. It gives him the ideal chance to flee the dragon lane and stalk around the jungle undetected. When stealthed, his passive enables him to fast restore health.

When he claims a kill with Death From Below, his terrifying ultimate, he gets a full health reset and the enemy is annihilated.

Pyke helps his teammates in an unconventional way. Death from Below provides additional gold to the ally who assisted him. If Pyke's teammates assist him in tracking down a target, he'll make sure they get additional gold for themselves.

More champions are still coming this year, but which new ones are you excited to play?

Also, there are a lot more changes coming into Patch 3.2 that the Wild Rift Community is hyped about, so stay tuned for incoming updates.

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