Leaked Pixel 4 XL hands-on videos spoil every last detail

Jacob Siegal

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Apple announced its new iPhone 11 just 24 hours ago, which means the internet has already begun to move on to a newer, shinier, and still unannounced device. I am of course referring to Google’s Pixel 4, which has been the subject of so many leaks over the past few weeks that they have genuinely been hard to track. But none of those leaks were quite as detailed and extensive as a YouTube video that popped up this morning.

On Wednesday, AnhEm TV published a lengthy video on YouTube which purportedly features the Pixel 4 XL powered on and in action. We have seen plenty of short clips and grainy glimpses of the phone recently, but this is the first time we’re seeing the phone in high-definition while someone is using it extensively.

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As you can see in the video below, the Pixel 4 XL does away with the notch that defined the Pixel 3 XL, replacing it with a substantial bezel that may seem like a step back to some consumers. The phone in the video also features a black border, a white finish on the back, and an orange power button, which differs slightly from what we’ve seen in previous leaks. Then there’s the square camera array, which looks very familiar after Apple’s latest event:

In addition to a close-up look at the hardware, AnhEm TV also delves into the software. Google has made some strides on the UI for the Google Camera software, which looks much cleaner than it has before. The video also offers fairly definitive proof that the Pixel 4 XL will indeed include a 90 Hz display, as we can see a menu setting for Smooth Display which “dynamically adjusts the refresh rate between 60 and 90 Hz.”

If that’s not enough Pixel 4 action for you, a separate 13-minute hands-on preview of the phone was shared by Rabbit TV on YouTube today as well, offering a high-def look at some of the color options of the Pixel 4:

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