Leaks may have just revealed Apple’s totally new AirPods 3 design

Chris Smith

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Even though Apple updated the AirPods earlier this year with a new H1 chip as well as a case that can recharge wirelessly, the company is still rumored to release a more substantial upgrade before the end of the year. Often referred to as “AirPods 3” in reports, the new wireless headphones are expected to have a brand new design, as well as a few notable features concerning both audio quality and health. An icon found inside the first iOS 13.2 beta already supports the idea that the new AirPods will feature a totally overhauled design, and someone has now created renders that might be our first look at Apple’s unreleased true wireless earbuds.

This is the AirPods 3 icon that was found in the latest iOS beta:

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And these are alleged AirPods 3 components that made their way online a few weeks ago:

Using this information, designer Michael Rieplhuber shared the following render on Twitter:

We have no way of knowing whether the parts shown in the second image are genuine. But if they are, then the render above is likely a very good representation of Apple’s new design.

The current AirPods already feature an iconic, yet often ridiculed design. Apple used the EarPods that ship with iPhones as inspiration for the AirPods, and you’ll have no problem recognizing AirPods on the street, compared to other wireless headphones.

The AirPods 3, meanwhile, might have a less conspicuous stem, although the earbuds themselves appear to be slightly bigger. They also appear to feature silicone tips that should finally help isolate sound. But you can still tell these are AirPods from the overall design, as well as the color and material choices. Again, we’re working on the assumption that the earlier parts leak showed accurate AirPods 3 components.

Even if the render is off and this isn’t what we’re getting, the icon uncovered in Apple’s iOS 13.2 code still proves that Apple is working on a new AirPods design for release in the near future. Apple is expected to hold its fall press conference in October, during which it will likely unveil next-generation iPad Pros, the new Mac Pro, and the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. AirPods 3 may also be on the menu for the event.

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