Learn how award-winning Chef Jade Kitchen and Cebu Home and Builders Centre get their products safely delivered via Lalamove

AT THE height of increased costs of daily necessities and fuel, on-demand delivery platform Lalamove provides affordable logistical solutions to businesses of all sizes with its 24/7 same-day and hassle-free delivery service. Lalamove bridges the gap between Cebuanos and their favorite homegrown brands by offering reliable and efficient delivery assistance for both customers and businesses.

Find out how small-time Cebuano business owners like Chef Jade Saducas or pioneering brands like Cebu Home and Builders Centre, are able to improve their business processes by being a Lalamove corporate client.

Dedicated client assistance

Chef Jade Saducas, owner of Chef Jade Kitchen, had the help of Lalamove to streamline her logistical operations during the pandemic.

When serving the award-winning ube cheese de sal, made with unique French techniques and was hailed Sunstar's Best of Cebu, having a good delivery partner is key in maintaining the quality of Chef Jade Kitchen’s premium products. Lalamove ensures proper handling of goods and smooth transactions for end-users and business owners alike.

Ube Cheese de Sal, SunStar’s Best of Cebu 2021. Photo from Chef Jade Kitchen.

“[Lalamove] didn't give up on me. I’m always busy, but they’ve always been consistent in being there as my reliable logistics partner,” Chef Saducas mentioned while recalling instances of needing hands-on help. As a Lalamove corporate client, they have the benefit of a dedicated client support representative, which addresses all the business owners’ delivery and app concerns.

Hassle-free onboarding process

These features were made available to Chef Jade when she applied for a Lalamove corporate account. “If I had to do the long process by myself, I might not have ended up signing for it,” Chef Saducas explained. Fortunately, for interested corporate clients, Lalamove’s dedicated support is attentive and quick-acting, making sure that the onboarding of each account goes as smoothly as possible.

Efficient business-friendly features

Apart from Lalamove’s personalized customer service assistance, the expert in affordelivery also offers time and cost-efficient features. With the option to select up to 20 multiple stops in one booking, Chef Saducas is able to contact one rider for all her deliveries in just a few taps. “This feature is very useful since it helps me save time and I get to plan my deliveries efficiently,” she shares. This way of keeping track of multiple deliveries allows easy checking of orders, which lessens businesses’ workload.

Heart Fraisier Cake. Photo from Chef Jade Kitchen.

Reliable logistics partner for bulky goods

Cebu Home and Builders Centre’s liaison for the chief operating officer, Reuben Sanchez, attested to Lalamove’s reliability and even shared that the homegrown depot has recommended the on-demand delivery platform to their affiliates in Cebu.

Cebu Home and Builders Centre is the country's first and only home depot, featuring specialty showrooms that display the largest array of DIY materials. It has become Cebu’s go-to location for home building needs; a one-stop shop for those looking to improve their homes.

COOL Bath System. Photo from Cebu Home and Builders Centre.

“This was our first time having a third party get involved in the business, but it was a breeze as the Lalamove team was very accommodating and comprehensive.” Sanchez also mentioned that their dedicated account manager was able to provide ample support during Cebu Home and Builders Centre’s onboarding journey.

Island-wide delivery coverage

To live up to its brand’s promise and serve customers better as far as their delivery needs are concerned, Cebu Home and Builders Centre’s tapping Lalamove as its official delivery partner is its best decision to date.

Spotted COOL Bath System entry by Savio Lanozo. Photo from Cebu Home and Builders Centre.

This partnership with Lalamove gives its customers additional delivery options and widens their reach, as such improving the e-commerce side of their business. “There was a need to add more drivers [that owned open-type cargo trucks], so we could serve our customers that bought heavy, bulky items like crates of tiles, sacks of cement, and steel products,” Sanchez stated when asked about their delivery struggles. But with Lalamove’s wide fleet of vehicles, ranging from motorcycles, sedans, MPVs, pickups to trucks, the logistical gap between Cebu Home and Builders Centre and its customers was bridged with ease. All these delivery options have extensive logistical coverage ranging from Metro Cebu to areas outside of the urban center, effectively catering to the entire island.

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