Leaving the rush, living the island life

Marymil M. Cabrera
·2 min read

IN THIS fast-paced world, most people wish to slow down. And while some rave about living on islands such as Siargao, Boracay or Batanes, businesswoman Dinah Camille Fernandez chose the beautiful Cebu town Moalboal, with its healthy coral ecosystem and perfect dive spots.

Dinah, 34, used to work as a BPO (business process outsourcing) employee and at the same time sold handcrafted hessian bags and accessories. On June 10, 2019, she started to fulfill her island girl dreams in Moalboal.

“Given this very rare opportunity to live an island life in Moalboal, I decided to grab it once and for all because I’ve always been an island girl. I loved being around seawater all my life. I chose Moalboal because of its promising island life opportunities. Why go far when you’re just home, a little away from home?” shared Dinah.

This island girl usually spends her day working out to get fit, baking, taking care of and hoarding plants, coaching her partner in his static or breath training which, “thankfully made him a national record holder again,” said Dinah.

And being hands on with their hotel and café, Okeanos Hotel, located along Panagsama Road, Basdiot in Moalboal, Dinah is lucky enough to spend the entire quarantine period in a place where everyone wants to be especially during summer.

With so many local and international guests from Freediving Planet coming over, Dinah and her partner decided to give them packaged accommodation with an option of tour packages, thus opening a mixed minimalist and industrial-themed hotel with a touch of nature and greens. Its groovy space-inspired café serves guests sumptuous meals, vegan dishes and beverages, with a positive and colorful vibe.

Dinah shared that though the quarantine period has been crazy, the time has given her and her partner more time to think about better ideas and improvements on their business, especially since they had just opened their café days ago.

When this crisis is all over, before pushing through with one’s out-of-the country or province trip, visiting and supporting Cebu’s very own travel destinations is highly encouraged. For sure, Mother Nature enjoyed her time healing. Just like Dinah and her newfound life in Moalboal, a lot of dazzling surprises await at one’s favorite local destination.