LeBron James spiked Taurean Prince's layup like an Olympic volleyball player

LeBron James throws back Taurean Prince’s layup. (Screenshot: Twitter)

You know those “Would LeBron James dominate any sport he chose to play?” debates that arise every once in a while? Where basketball fans assume he would, and fans of the other, less popular sports fiercely argue that he wouldn’t, because he’s never actually played the sport before?

Well, that latter argument might not apply to one particular sport anymore. Because LeBron basically played volleyball against the Atlanta Hawks on Thursday night:

LeBron turned Taurean Prince into his setter, and ferociously spiked the ball toward the floor. It was unreturnable. Point: Cleveland.

Here are some more angles:

The 4-16 Hawks actually won the first set, though. They led 67-63 at halftime against the Cavs, who have won nine in a row.

But Atlanta couldn’t prevent LeBron from being his usual superhuman self. Earlier in the game, the King blew by Prince and threw down a monster dunk:

Check out Kent Bazemore making a quality business decision on the help side, too.

And then LeBron pranced by the Hawks in transition for another slam:

Heck, he could probably be a pretty darn good ballet dancer, too.