Lee O'Brian and Pokwang name unborn baby Malia

21 Nov – Lee O'Brian, partner and baby daddy of comedy actress Pokwang, recently shared that the two of them have already picked a name for their unborn child.

As reported on PEP, O'Brian, who spoke about Pokwang's pregnancy recently, shared that they have picked the name Malia Francine for their first baby daughter together.

"Malia because her mother's name is Gloria, and my mother's name is Marilyn, so it's Marilyn and Gloria. As for Francine, it's a common name in our family on my mum's side," he said.

O'Brian added jokingly, "She will be a football player, because she is kicking."

As for the baby's birth, O'Brian said that he is getting more and more excited as it grows closer to the expected date.

"I can't wait, I'm ready to lose sleep, I'm ready for it. This is a new phase caring about someone else so I'm very excited," he said.

However, as to whether he and Pokwang will be tying the knot soon, O'Brian responded, "Right now it's the baby, baby, baby so we're not going to push marriage yet. We still have to decide on it."

(Photo Source: Lee O'Brian Instagram)