Legal Office serves suspension order to Zapatera village chief

LAWYERS from the Cebu City Legal Office served the suspension order of the City Government to Zapatera Barangay Captain Francisco Bendicto at the Zapatera Barangay Hall, Cebu City at around 12 p.m. Friday, December 20, 2019.

Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella signed the suspension order Friday morning.

The Cebu City Council's Committee of Three recommended a two-month preventive suspension against Benedicto over sexual harassment and graft and corruption complaints that were filed against him.

“After careful perusal of the records, this Committee finds the imposition of preventive suspension proper. From the numerous and overwhelming evidence presented, it is patiently clear that the requirement under the Local Government Code are met and that preventive suspension is necessary to ensure that the evidence will not be tampered with and testimonies remain uncorrupted and a thorough and proper investigation can be conducted,” the committee's recommendation read.

Benedicto accepted the decision, saying it would give him a 60-day vacation with his family. (JJL)

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