Lego introduces two-in-one vintage Porsche 911 kit

Ronan Glon
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Air-cooled Porsche 911 prices left the stratosphere years ago, but Lego has a much cheaper alternative that won't take space (or leak oil) in your garage. Its newest car kit lets enthusiasts build a 911 Targa or a 911 Turbo.

While some of Lego's car kits are suitable for kids, the two-in-one 911 is for serious collectors who are at least 18 years old. It consists of precisely 1,458 pieces, and it lets builders put together a Porsche that's about 13.5 inches long, four inches high, and over six inches wide regardless of whether they choose the Targa or the Turbo.

Both are highly detailed. There's nothing boxy about a vintage 911, yet the proportions are stunningly accurate considering that they're made with bricks. The Targa features a wrap-around rear window and a removable roof panel, while the Turbo gets a wider rear end and the whale tail spoiler that kept the real thing's back axle planted to the ground. Opening body panels and replicas of the famous Fuchs alloy wheels complete the look.

Sport seats finished in brown with nougat-colored inserts and a full instrument cluster are among the highlights in the cabin. Lego points out that the steering wheel is functional, and that the front seats tilt forward. Pop the decklid, and you'll spot an air-cooled flat-six engine with the same oversized cooling fan as the actual car.

Pricing for Lego's Porsche 911 kit starts at $149.99. For context, auction house RM Sotheby's sold a gorgeous, black-on-black 1978 911 Turbo with 33,125 original and documented miles and no sunroof for $123,200 in 2019. Members of Lego's VIP loyalty program will be able to purchase the kit on the firm's official site on February 16, but the rest of us will need to wait until March 1 to pick it up online or at select retailers across the nation.

Lego will include an owner's pack with the first few kits, though it didn't reveal how many it plans to send out. The bundle includes a certificate of ownership, a branded card wallet, and four art prints inspired by period ads.

If you're into decades-old cars powered by a rear-mounted air-cooled engine, Lego has another kit for you. In 2020, it released an adorable replica of the Fiat 500 released in 1957 that consists of 960 pieces.

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