Leopard Mom Dealing With its Cub's Tantrums Proves the Struggle Across Species is Real

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Motherhood comes with its own set of challenges. There are no set rules about how one can go about it. A video featuring a mother leopard crossing the road with her cubs shows how the challenges of motherhood are quite similar across species.

In the video, the mamma leopard is seen using different tactics to ensure that her rebellion cub who stops in the middle of the road, eventually crosses it.

The clip, which has been shared by Indian Administrative Services official Supriya Sahu, begins with the family of three crossing the road. While the parent big cat, and one of the cubs cross the road, the second cub stops in the middle.

The mamma leopard on seeing this picks the baby with her mouth and tries to put it in the correct direction. And finally, the cubs decide to abide by their mum.

The now-viral video has been captioned: "Every family has that one special kid who will have his/her own way".

Twitterati too has also dropped in all kinds of comments in the reply.

A user commented on the rebel cub stating, "Fear of change and level of growth. The one which is following the mother must be better than the one which is retreating."

Stressing upon the bond between a mother and child, a person said: "Mother & Child love is identical as well as unique in all the species of 84 lakhs. Exception is said to be snakes which we can’t see in ordinary way. To believe that we shd keep it in observation with a camera to record the happening."

There are also quite a few funny reactions to the post have a look at some of them:

Since being posted, the short clip has garnered more than a million views on Twitter alone. It has been liked by more than 94 thousand people.