Level 10 releases UPstage180 Hi-Fi Speaker to Help Customers Relieve Stress

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RENO, Nev., July 24, 2020 Level 10, in collaboration with Soundmatters®, announced the release of the new UPstage180, a Bluetooth speaker combined Hi-Fi sound, the ambient feature with relaxing sound and soothing light to bring listeners a novel audio experience. The true-to-life nature sounds are blended with selected frequencies to strengthen the resonance of soundwave between the music and the body, which helps listeners concentrate and focus, fall asleep faster, and stay calm for meditation. The project has reached its Kickstarter goal of US$20,000 in 9 hours, and it’s now available from US$315 with early bird deals (retails for $549): https://backme.tw/ref/2GmQj

“Many of us face the challenge of lockdown, working at home for months due to the pandemic influence. Even under normal circumstances, completely switching off from work isn’t always easy. We felt personal wellness has never been more important, and we wanted to build a product to remind people to give themselves some time away from stress and feel and immerse in the music they love. It’s a speaker created to stay in your everyday life,” said Emma Yu, a core member of Level 10 and CEO of Soundmatters®.

UPstage180 is designed to make listeners relax and “feel” the music better. The mood feature, easily controllable via the proprietary app, comes with built-in nature sound such as forest, rain, and deep sea. Listeners can blend them in the music or enjoy the ambience effect alone. The audio experience is further enhanced with an integrated a soothing light design, which turns the speaker into a small ambient LED table/ wall-mount lamp. Unlike most LED lamps which could be harsh and fatigue the eyes easily, UPstage180 adopts the LED bulbs with low-color temperature so the light is warm and comfortable, resembling the natural sunlight. Besides the app, the light settings are adjustable from the touch bar on the side and choose from 3 light modes, eternal, breathing, and flicker, to go with the mood selected.

UPstage180’s unique acoustic design enables it to reach 92dB loudness capabilities and 60 to 20,000 Hz frequency response at the size of a toast bread slice, while it usually requires a speaker 4 times larger to achieve the same performance. To achieve the specs at an ultra-compact size, it’s first speaker in the world using a Flat Glass Woofer and Linear Magnetic Drive “twoofer” made of carbon fiber. The components allow it to generate sufficient energy in a small chamber and project sound evenly in a 180° soundstage and creates a room-filled listening “sweet zone”. Wherever they are, listeners will always hear the same authentic, hi-fi sound.

Technical Specs:

  • 2 x Twoofer 25 full range speaker + 1 Mid-Woofer Glass speaker

  • 2.1 way. Active Speaker

  • 60 to 20,000 Hz Frequency Response

  • 92 dB Sound Pressure Level

  • Aux-in, TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Streaming

  • 45 watts per bass + 15 watts per channel for Twoofer

  • Adjustable LED light guide plate with 12V 3500k dimmable

  • 180mm (7.09 inch) x 180mm (7.09 inch) x 34mm (1.33 inch)

  • 1.6 kg (3.53 lbs) net weight

The UPstage180 retails for US$549. For more information, visit https://backme.tw/ref/2GmQj. UPstage180 is expected to ship in October, 2020.

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Kickstarter: https://backme.tw/ref/2GmQj

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