Lexus LC500 Convertible gets Marine Blue interior and top ... in Japan

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Japanese customers of the Lexus LC will soon have a wider selection of exterior and interior colors, including a stunning Marine Blue option exclusive to the LC 500 Convertible. The announcement came on Thursday, along with news of some minor handling improvements.

The Marine Blue selection adds an tidy navy lid to the LC droptop, paired with a matching interior. However, the entire cockpit hasn't been slathered in blue. Instead, the cobalt hue has been applied judiciously to the steering wheel, dash pad, gear selector, and sections of the door panels. Most of interior is actually white, giving the two-tone cabin an elegant nautical feel.

In addition, Lexus is introducing two new colors to Japan's LC palette: Sonic Iridium, which looks like yet another silver variant, and Terrain Khaki Mica Metallic, which looks like the beautiful Nori Green special edition we got in the U.S. and was previously exclusive to the convertible, is now available on the LC500 and LC500h coupe. Buyers can tick a box for new orange brake calipers as well.

Lexus says they've also improved the LC's steering feel, ride quality, and controllability during high-g cornering by making minor adjustments to the coil springs, dampers, and stabilizers. Coupled with tweaks to the settings of the variable gear ratio steering and dynamic rear steering systems, Lexus says the overall responsiveness has been improved. Lastly, the LC coupe's panoramic roof now uses a tinted privacy glass.

The Lexus LC menu has always been slightly different between the U.S. and Japan regions. For example, we get three interior options — tan, black, and a red-on-black two-tone. Even before Marine Blue Japan had a fourth, black-and-orange. It's not quite as Halloween-y as it sounds to American ears; the orange is more of a saddle brown.

Lexus hasn't said whether Marine Blue (or any of the other improvements) will come to the U.S., but the LC is likely to receive a refresh soon. If the new interior is part of the package, we won't complain.

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