LG launches the world's first 21:9 ultra widescreen monitor

Officially released on Thursday in South Korea, the EA93 Ultra Wide Monitor measures 29 inches corner to corner and offers users a four-screen split viewing experience.

This incredibly rectangular monitor is aimed at multi-tasking PC users who don't want to clutter their workspace up with several monitors. Its extreme width means that documents can be viewed side by side and its split-screen feature allows users to divide the screen into four independent monitor spaces, for opening separate windows or running different applications.

What's more, as its 21:9 aspect ratio is very close to the standard viewing dimensions of a cinema screen and of Blu-ray discs (so no black bands at the top or bottom of the screen), it is just as well suited to multimedia as to multitasking.

The monitor has integrated speakers, a USB 3 hub, HDMI and a screen resolution of 2560x1080 and is expected to roll out internationally before the end of 2012 following its November 8 debut in South Korea. Although LG has not published a pricing guide, expect it to cost around $800.