Li Nanxing warns Instagram followers about scammer after account hacked

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Li Nanxing’s Instagram account was hacked and swiftly reinstated. (Photo: Instagram/lnxglobal_official)
Li Nanxing’s Instagram account was hacked and swiftly reinstated. (Photo: Instagram/lnxglobal_official)

Singaporean actor Li Nanxing announced through his Facebook page on Tuesday (18 January) that his Instagram account @lnxglobal_official had been hacked, and urged the public to not respond to any messages asking for money.

Li told Shin Min Daily News that the incident happened at about 2am on Tuesday when he found out to his surprise that he could not log in to his Instagram account.

His church friends later notified him that someone had used his name in an attempt to borrow money.

“Fortunately, that friend was not tricked, but the sum requested was substantial,” the actor said, adding that it was a whopping $40,000.

This was the first time Li’s account had been hacked. He was worried that his friends would be scammed and decided to make the public announcement.

Li also revealed that he received an e-mail from a stranger, who told him to contact a certain number if he wanted to get his Instagram account back. The e-mail was sent under the name Akilla, with the number beginning with +44, the country code for the United Kingdom.

The 57-year-old actor was exasperated, saying, “These hackers are very ‘smart,’ but why aren’t they using their skills for good? I hope they reflect on their actions and help society instead of harming people.”

Li’s Instagram account was later reinstated on Wednesday (19 January) at 9pm (SGT), with the assistance of their backend IT experts and the Facebook team.

Li recently completed filming a dialect drama I Want To Be A Towkay, produced by fellow Singaporean actor Zheng Geping. He was originally scheduled to fly to Europe for an endorsement project, but had to postpone the trip to March due to the outbreak of the Omicron COVID-19 variant.

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