Libre: Good judgment

Mel Libre

CBCP issues special prayer for deliverance from coronavirus.

Believe in science and medicine; and most importantly have faith in God.


Veterinary office to check markets for wildlife meat.

This kind of meat may be more difficult to catch than domesticated ones.


Police nab man for ‘sextortion.’

Is it racist to say that the accused is described as ‘black male’?


Villages comply with order to clear roads.

Afraid of being run over by enforcers?


CCPO to file criminal raps against Sinulog ‘prankster.’

His new anthem: “I started a joke...but the joke was on me.”


Gyms in 80 barangays to get ‘makeover.’

The mayor exercised...good judgment.


PNP to beef up monitoring, campaign against prostitution.

This time around, hookers won’t easily get off the hook.


Avoid handshakes, ‘beso-beso’ to guard against virus.

Remain social, but refrain from being ‘sosyal.’


Migrant workers warned of bogus Poland jobs.

Polish are the people of Poland; foolish are those people who think there are jobs in Poland.


Metro Manila cops not allowed to play golf at all.

Those who dare play golf sure have a lot of balls.