Libre: Hey Joe

Mel Libre
·2 min read

“HEY Joe” is a popular expression in the Philippines that originated during World War 2. It was taken from the term, GI Joe, for enlisted white male American soldiers. It continued to be used for any white male person who was thought to be American. One writer claimed that it was a term of endearment rather than scorn.

Well, what do you know? The 46th president of the United States is Joe Biden, and I don’t think he’d mind if we’d greet him with the expression, “Hey Joe!” Let’s do that.

Hey Joe. You finally got sworn in as the president after that ugly mob desecrated the US Capitol where on the 20th of January, you took your oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

You’ve spent most of your life as a public servant as a senator and as vice president. You could have been one of the youngest presidents had you succeeded in 1988, but that campaign was marred by “the exaggerated shadow” of past mistakes. In a second try in 2008, you failed to make a dent in the Democratic Party nomination that saw the rise of Barack Obama.

But you did not give up. You served well as vice president for the two terms of President Obama and declined to run in 2016 to give way to Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump surprisingly defeated Clinton. The White House became a rated political drama-soap opera-comedic sitcom under a showman like no other. To admirers, Trump was a champion who would make American great again. To critics, he was one of the most polarizing and egoistic individuals to serve as president.

Hey Joe. Going against Trump was not easy. This guy had no manners, threw lies and did everything to pull you down. But good to know, you did not go to his level, but kept standing on the higher ground of decency. The Don was a sore loser until the very end, so it was just right that you never mentioned his name in your inaugural speech. Serves him right.

Unifying the people of the US is foremost in your agenda. With the enormous problems facing your country today, you admit you cannot do it alone, but need the American people marching with you. Through executive actions you issued on your first day of office, you are paving the way. But there is much more work ahead.

While you mend the brokenness of the US, the many leaders and the many countries that your predecessor alienated need your commitment to democracy, to freedom, to the protection of the environment and to end the pandemic. For a moment, the US failed the world. Don’t fail us during your call.

Hey Joe. We heard you, and find you to be a likeable father of your nation. We pray for your success. The Lord be with you. God bless America.